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01 May 2014 @ 04:23 pm
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10 March 2014 @ 06:22 am
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23 January 2014 @ 05:34 pm
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21 January 2014 @ 05:13 am
Animalia tcg


20 January 2014 @ 04:15 pm
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30 December 2013 @ 11:46 pm
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26 December 2013 @ 10:59 pm
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22 December 2013 @ 01:26 am
freebies: ps-casiobabyg05, sunny17, ps-verymerryxmas16, ps-verymerryxmas11, sc-helloschoolgirl10, sc-helloschoolgirl11
kai bawi bo: tvxq07, luhan20
deck pulls: kai01, kai20, mv-sonyuhshidae01, mv-sonyuhshidae14, ps-casiobabyg01, ps-casiobabyg04, ps-hotsummer01, ps-hotsummer02, sulli01, sulli18 (10/12) + event-12daysofchristmas08, event-yunhomastery002
from lindsay: ps-ellegirljuly201210, amber15, kry16
from cashew: hyoyeon11, kangta19, suho18
from show: luhan16, mv-cookingcooking16, ps-wolfpolaroids14
from caitlin: yoona17, ps-misshaaura02, ps-nuabo16
from Dhee: sehun16, mv-cookingcooking07, mv-cookingcooking12
from hannah: mv-supergirl11, ps-1stlookvol2011, ps-1stlookvol2009
from shbup: mv-noother18, changmin03, minho12
from tia: mv-balloons01, mv-hello09, kyuhyun06
from Vaini: sc-letshaptic01, kris16, taemin02
from rachel: ps-holidaych102, mv-everybody10, baekhyun14
from Krissy: mv-everybody06, baekhyun05, mv-twinkle01
from eunoia: sehun19, lay12, mv-replayjv01
from Whitney: sc-artfilm03, changmin20, ps-growlpolaroids14
from Olya: mv-hello05, tvxq17, zhangliyin04
from Jihee: kangta13, ps-verymerryxmas20, sc-helloschoolgirl03
from jordan: victoria03, minho12, ps-growlpolaroids20
from Cassidy: kangta16, tvxq04, jessica04
from Macro: ps-ohboyvol3005, ps-sorrysorry02, minho13
from lou: sc-helloschoolgirl17, ps-sorrysorry02, ps-ohboyvol3008
from nikki: mv-wrongnumber13, amber02, ryeowook20

ninth day of christmas: ps-1stlookvol2002, sc-helloschoolgirl19, tvxq05, sc-artfilm10, mv-sonyuhshidae03, luhan05, ps-casiobabyg08, baekhyun03, mv-twinkle19, kangin13, event-12daysofchristmas09
ninth day of christmas: ps-nuabo08, ps-perfectionrepack02, ps-kyhdlimitededition07, ps-iwill07, ps-hotsummer11, ps-iwill09, ps-perfectionrepack05, ps-1stlookvol2015, ps-comingstep04, ps-sherlock18, event-12daysofchristmas09
rank up: mv-supergirl16, baekhyun17, sc-hapticbattle15, kris05, tao09, kangta03, kangta04, kangta09

tenth day of christmas: mv-replayjv03, kry15, mv-sonyuhshidae20, ps-kyhdlimitededition07, ps-verymerryxmas12, ls-sparkly, event-12daysofchristmas10, +200 balloons
card match: ps-wolfpolaroids16, ps-verymerryxmas19, mv-sonyuhshidae13
christmasso: sc-hapticbattle15, kangin14, sc-helloschoolgirl01, mv-cookingcooking06, jmin09, tvxq05, luhan12, amber15, ps-verymerryxmas06, +100 balloons
mrs. taxi: siwon01, mv-wrongnumber18, mv-everybody16, mv-hello09, kangta10, sulli10, siwon07 +200 balloons

eleventh day of christmas: event-12daysofchristmas11, le-happyholidays08, event-merrychristmas, event-firstledeck
choice cards: s- ps-misshaaura03 a- le-happyholidays09 n- hyoyeon07 t- kangta15 (mastering w/this) a- ps-misshaaura09 (mastering w/this)

laundry day: hyoyeon09, ps-wolfpolaroids07 laundry day: ps-perfectionrepack13, ryeowook06
mrs. taxi: mv-replayjv03, changmin07, luhan04, ps-growlpolaroids05 mrs. taxi: ps-verymerryxmas08, ps-thefirst02, le-happyholidays05, mv-14317
where's wald.o?: sc-hapticbattle16, ryeowook17, mv-firejv19, krystal12
double trouble (game): yoona17, kai01, hyoyeon15, kyuhyun16 +100 balloons
magnae madness: mv-twinkle12, sc-hapticbattle11, siwon03, eunhyuk16, +100 balloons
deck mastery: mv-twinkle15, le-happyholidays18, ps-sorrysorry02, kangta05, mv-hello02, le-happyholidays01
deck mastery: lay19, ps-hotsummer01, ps-ohboyvol3004
events: event-12daysofchristmas12, event-10yearswithtvxq
from daejong: luhan12, ps-comingstep06, sc-hapticbattle16
from Puu: mv-onemorechance17, kris11, baekhyun06
10th anniversary :1- ps-ellegirljuly201209 0- ps-casiobabyg02 t- tvxq08 h- hyoyeon08 a- thegrace07 n- sunny08 n- sunny10 i- sc-artfilm09 v- tvxq06 e- le-happyholidays02 r- thegrace10 s- ps-casiobabyg03 a- le-happyholidays03 r- sc-artfilm08 y- hyoyeon12

tiff tac toe: mv-sonyuhshidae16, ps-comingstep01, kangin14 +200 balloons
spot the difference (8): amber06, goara12, goara07
spot the difference (4): mv-replayjv05, amber13, sc-letshaptic20
spot the difference (3): mv-cookingcooking17, sc-beautifulday09, ps-ellegirljuly201203, yuri01
spot the difference (6): taemin05, luna08, tao16, ps-maypole18
spot the difference (5): goara11, minho02, mv-14317
spot the difference (2): ps-californiangirl14, ps-casiobabyg09, ps-wolfpolaroids12
spot the difference (1): sunny14, mv-everybody20, taeyeon04

freebies: mv-sonyuhshidae09, ps-sunnydays09, sulli13, ps-realbabyg09, sulli06, ps-casiobabyg10, ps-sunnydays02, mv-sonyuhshidae15
deck donation: ps-realbabyg02, mv-intothenewworld08
new decks: mv-intothenewworld01, ps-realbabyg01, ps-californiangirl03, ps-sunnydays03, taeyeon05, yuri04

cat like reflexes: mv-balloons01, mv-chu11, kangta16
card match: ps-hotsummer09
kriscasso: yuri16, ps-jejuisland02, ps-gyeongsangdo02, thegrace02, +100 balloons
oops!!!: kai04, tao12, mv-hello15, +100 balloons
event: event-happynewyear2014
wishing well:ps-californiangirl01, ps-nuabo02, le-happyholidays04, le-happyholidays12, hyoyeon14, mv-onemorechance20
tell me your wish: ps-hotsummer01, luna02

sc-helloschoolgirl13, zangliyin17, kangin14, ps-perfectionrepack05, ps-sorrysorry02 for le-happyholidays17, mv-sonyuhshidae02, victoria02, victoria09, victoria18
spot the difference (7): sunny09, sc-reflections20, ps-jejuisland17
spot the difference (8): mv-stillyou20, ryeowook06
spot the difference (3): sc-helloschoolgirl10, sc-reflections11
spot the difference (1): ps-seoul03, mv-supergirl02, sc-beautifulday16
spot the difference (4): ps-billboardkoreavol406, henry09, ps-nuabo13
spot the difference (6): mv-game04, mv-eatyouup15
spot the difference (5): ps-ohboyvol3003, eunhyuk20
spot the difference (2): kangin05, ps-kyhdlimitededition14
tiff tac toe: sc-aotpub16, siwon02, sulli17 +200 balloons
freebies: mv-hurricanevenus03, ps-nuabo11, luna12, ps-hotsummer08, sulli08, ps-sunnydays04, seohyun05
face off: sc-reflections11, boa02, jessica13, sunny20 +100 balloons
double trouble (game): sc-helloschoolgirl11, mv-intothenewworld07, ps-ellegirljuly201201, ps-chiaseed10 +100 balloons
laundry day: ryeowook06, mv-hurricanevenus05
magnae madness: mv-eatyouup13, baekhyun10, sc-aotpub07, ps-thailand11 jessica19, +200 balloons
event: event-twitter plus choice cards: le-happyholidays06, le-happyholidays10 (1/11)
spot the difference (2): ps-timelesseternity05, ps-onlyone09
spot the difference (4): sc-letshaptic08, mv-intothenewworld11, luna15
spot the difference (7): ps-sexyfreeandsingle06, boa02, tvxq03, ps-32113
spot the difference (5): mv-replayjv10, mv-seoul01, ps-nuabo14
spot the difference (1): ps-verymerryxmas04, ps-sunnydays01
spot the difference (8): ps-realbabyg03, ps-fantasticparty15
spot the difference (3): thegrace15, ps-casiobabyg12, ps-holidaych105
spot the difference (6): ps-jejuisland19, yoona20, mv-theboys03
tiff tac toe: ps-misshaaura01, mv-oppaoppajv07, ps-fantasticparty13 +200 balloons
new decks: mv-theboys18, sc-marryyou04, ps-fxseasonsgreetings10, ps-rendezvousaparis12
freebies: ps-sunnydays10, goara06, ps-billboardkoreavol408, seohyun08, sc-marryyou09, ps-sunnydays05, sulli04, mv-hurricanevenus11
kai bawi bo: sc-itstimeforcoffeebts20, jmin01, zhangliyin11, ps-london08
cat like reflexes: ps-sherlock15, mv-replayjv16, ps-perfectionrepack19
card match: mv-stillyou07, sc-helloschoolgirl07, ps-igotaboyhyoyeon15
choc-oh no!: mv-seoul13, ps-sherlock20, +100 balloons
kriscasso: ps-igotaboysunny15, eunhyuk16, jmin04, sc-aotpub09, +100 balloons
oops!!!: goara13, ps-kyhdlimitededition05, ps-jejuisland18, +100 balloons
spot the difference (6): ps-theface11, mv-coldheartedman12, ps-sorrysorry10
spot the difference (1): ps-igotaboysooyoung02, mv-rumpumpumpum01
spot the difference (7): ps-casiobabyg11, sunny19, ps-fxseasonsgreetings11
spot the difference (3): kangin11, henry01
spot the difference (5): ps-casiobabyg18, ps-chiaseed17
spot the difference (4): ps-maypole12, ps-igotaboyseohyun01
spot the difference (2): ps-californiangirl10, mv-seoul05, eunhyuk06, ps-bonamana02
tiff tac toe: sc-likeag617, ps-fxseasonsgreetings01, jonghyun04 +200 balloons
everysing (heart lightstick choice cards): le-happyholidays19, tvxq16, -1 ls-heart
igab(wish): ps-igotaboyhyoyeon01, ps-igotaboyjessica01, ps-igotaboyseohyun06, ps-igotaboysooyoung01, ps-igotaboysunny09, ps-igotaboytaeyeon01, ps-igotaboytiffany20, ps-igotaboyyoona01, ps-igotaboyyuri15
igab(extra card for wish): ps-igotaboysooyoung09
deck mastery: ps-seoul18, mv-eatyouup04, ps-thailand11, ps-maypole13, ps-fantasticparty02, ps-igotaboysooyoung03, ps-igotaboysooyoung04, ps-igotaboysooyoung05
deck mastery: luhan08, mv-coldheartedman01, ps-1stlookvol2008, ps-pinktape01, sc-itstimeforcoffeebts10, ps-igotaboysooyoung06, ps-igotaboysooyoung07, ps-igotaboysooyoung08
deck mastery: taeyeon19, ps-igotaboyhyoyeon02, ps-gyeongsangdo20, ps-bonamana13, ps-igotaboyyoona13, ps-igotaboysooyoung13, ps-igotaboysooyoung14, ps-igotaboysooyoung15
deck mastery: mv-14304, mv-hurricanevenus16, tvxq15, ps-mangoseed01, sc-beautifulday12, ps-igotaboysooyoung17, ps-igotaboysooyoung18, ps-igotaboysooyoung19
15 December 2013 @ 03:27 pm
cards alphabetically ordered, cards starting with R-Z are HERE
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