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07 December 2013 @ 01:50 am


elle (jessica):

blackpearl (yuri):

socialite (jessica)

tomboy (jisook)

expressive (yoonhye)


For trade:



Starter Pack: shikshin06, shikshin02, ice04, ice01, hiddeneyes02, socialite02, ulzzang05, frog04, duckbutt01, airhead05

I'm not stupid!: arabian06, vitamin03, duckbutt06, 2 coins
Puppy problems: mandoo10, goddess08, elle09, 2 coins
Day trip: pole03, grown08, cheers06, jersey01
Upcoming vote: airhead08, 3 coins
Wolf and beauty (success): squishy02, clutzy04, mf-ultimate05
Friendly competition: ulzzang04, black10, mf-boys07, 3 coins
Whoops!: squishy09, pm-yulsic03, 1 coin
Couple shopping: pianist01, dark04
Date night: elle03 date night: corn01
Never hurts: light06, ears01, pm-dooseob10, 3 coins Never hurts: quirky01, california10, mf-girls04, 3 coins
Name dropper: raccoon05, machine04, sp-troublemaker09, 3 coins Name dropper: guitar05, 45degree03, sp-urbanoutdoor09, 3 coins
Learned: sarcastic06, raptor07, pm-henber05, 3 coins Learned: feline05, umchung05, sp-urbanoutdoor06, 3 coins
Case of the cake: weave02, troll04, billiards06, coke06, pm-dooseob07 Case of the cake: comet10, pororo08, duckbutt03, cheers10, sp-urbanoutdoor05
Model search (1st puzzle): mochi04, perfectionist10, 1 coin
Model search (2nd puzzle): ideal07, whiny03, 1 coin
Model search (3rd puzzle): taekwondo03, horse08, 1 coin
Model search (4th puzzle): australia07, guardian10, 1 coin
Pick of the barrel: goddess05, 1 coin
Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo: horse03, 1 coin
tomboy06, blackpearl03, glitter07, mf-girls07
Love lines (entry): moon07, mf-three07
Card claim: elle07, shikshin01, shikshin03
I'm not stupid!: wonderland03, almighty07, green05, 2 coins
Puppy problems: shikshin06, joker05, blank03, 2 coins
Day trip: expressive03, moon04, lyricist08, emperor06
Upcoming vote: okcat01, 3 coins
Wolf and beauty (success): truth05, dark02, mf-ultimate01
Friendly competition: tomboy05, spunky03, mf-fiction09, 3 coins
Whoops!: sushi03, sp-stonehenge09, 1 coin
Couple shopping: 16dimensions04
1st day of christmas: visual05, rainbow02, agent01, trouble01, gramps04, mermaid04 +10coins choice cards: first day of christmas (choice cards): mf-girls03, mf-girls05, mf-girls06, mf-girls08
second day of christmas: p- sp-stonehenge01 a- blackpearl02 p- empty01 a- ideal02 n- shikshin04 o- tomboy02 e- elle04 l- mf-girls09
3rd day of christmas: mf-girls10, mf-three01, mf-three02, mf- three04
4th day of christmas: 100coins
Puppy problems: umchung01, emperor01, raccoon04, 2 coins
6th day of christmas: comet01, chic01, choding10
seventh day of christmas(fireworks): f- fantasy01 i-airhead01 r- mf-three05 e- elle05 w- wonderland01 o- alligator02 r- blackpearl04 k- shikshin05 s- skilled01
eighth day of christmas: c- comet02 h- shikshin07 a- blackpearl05 r- green03 i- socialite03 t- tomboy03 y- fantasy02
ninth day of christmas: 2- green02 0- elle06 1- shikshin10 4- tomboy04
tenth day of christmas: h- shikshin08 a- socialite04 p- blackpearl06 p- empty02 y- fantasy03 h- whiny01 o- trouble02 l- elle08 i- ideal03 d- wonderland02 a- airhead02 y- tomboy07 s- skilled02
trades completed:
Hadassah: goddess05, goddes08, devil09 for mf-girls01, socialite05 12/9
shikshin09 and elle01 for sp-urbanoutdoo06 + membercards 12/9
yunnasu: duckbutt03 for blackpearl10 12/31
---------pending trades--------
my dark02, dark04, ears01, guardian10, light06, machine04, squishy02, squishy09 for moon01, moon02, moon08, moon09, pororo01, pororo06, ice02, ice08 +membercards
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01 December 2013 @ 10:42 pm















12 Days of Christmas:



the grace:




hyoyeon + yoona





taeyeon+ sunny


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26 November 2013 @ 11:11 pm
Starter Pack: yoona04, yoona20, yoona17, minho20, ps-perfectionrepack20, changmin14, mv-chu12, ps-comingstep07, ps-thefirst05, tao18, ps-comingstep05, sc-aotpub05, mv-hello08, boa20, boa17 (15)
cat like reflexes: ps-misshaaura08, ps-perfectionrepack10, kry11 (18)
oops!!!: changmin03, sc-letshaptic20, ps-holidaych115, +100 balloons (21)
tiff tac toe: yoona08, ps-holidaych114, ps-thefirst06 +200 balloons (24)
fashion terrorist: yoona02 (25)
where's wald.o?: yoona18, ps-misshaaura04, kry03, tao08 +200 balloons (29)
double trouble: mv-noother02, ps-holidaych115 +100 balloons (31)
laundry day: changmin01, siwon08 (33)
kai bawi bo: ps-comingstep05, ps-thefirst02 (35)
help desk: changmin11 (36)
donation rewards: sc-letshaptic18, siwon08, yoona01 (39)
double trouble: kry02, siwon04 (for yoona01, siwon08) (39)
deck mastery: mv-14316, minho15, mv-supergirl08
spot the difference (6): jessica11, ps-wolfpolaroids02 (41)
spot the difference (5): sc-artfilm12, changmin16, mv-supergirl01 (44)
spot the difference (1): mv-hello11, zhangliyin13, sc-letshaptic06, boa11 (48)
spot the difference (4): zhangliyin03, sunny07, mv-chu02, sc-aotpub10, mv-14316 (53)
spot the difference (8): ps-growlpolaroids06, jessica14, baekhyun15 (56)
spot the difference (7): ps-growlpolaroids13, siwon17, mv-wrongnumber18, suho17 (60)
spot the difference (3): mv-wrongnumber07, mv-twinkle17, ps-comingstep07, mv-chu19, siwon06 (65)
spot the difference (2): mv-balloons11, mv-hello04, sc-artfilm18 (68)
weekend wordsearch: ps-ohboyvol3007, ps-growlpolaroids09, ps-growlpolaroids16, ps-misshaaura04, baekhyun05 +300 balloons (73)
nov30-dec6 freebies: lay04, ps-holidaych120, mv-chu06, mv-balloons13, sc-letshaptic09, sc-artfilm14 (79)
Saturday update: jessica deck donation choice: jessica01, others: jessica10, krystal14, mv-balloons16, mv-twinkle02, lay15, baekhyun12, mv-wrongnumber20, sc-artfilm01, sunny04, zangliyin12, ps-sorrysorry05, suho20 (92)
help desk: suho07, mv-14315 (94)
donation rewards: sunny02, mv-balloons06, tao06 (97)
donation rewards: mv-hello01, tao17, baekhyun11 (100)
donation rewards: zhangliyin15, mv-twinkle03, zhangliyin09 (103)
donation rewards: lay08, mv-noother07, kangin10 (106)
stampcard: yoona16, kry09, sc-letshaptic20, mv-hello01, ls-heart (110)
rank up: lay11, ps-growlpolaroids20, ps-wolfpolaroids14, krystal04, ps-comingstep03
cardmaster: sunny04, zangliyin15: ps-ohboyvol3004, ps-ohboyvol3009, jessica19
tell me your wish: tao16, lay08
cat like reflexes: ps-perfectionrepack16, zhangliyin15
choc-oh no!: sc-artfilm11, minho12, +100 balloons
kriscasso: mv-balloons17, sc-letshaptic19, mv-wrongnumber06, +100 balloons
oops!!!: ps-comingstep09, ps-wolfpolaroids05, kangin03, +100 balloons
double trouble : mv-hello01, sc-letshaptic20, ps-misshaaura04, krystal 04 for sc-aotpub01, mv-hello08, sc-artfilm19, lay04
coordi noona no-no:
zhangliyin02, mv-twinkle04, minho14, ps-holidaych113
cardmaster: Trade Overview: Your sunny07, mv-hello08, ps-comingstep05, ps-comingstep07 for my ps-holidaych104, ps-holidaych105, boa19, mv-twinkle16, mv-chu01

freebies: kangta14, sunny09, amber20, sehun03, kangta20, ps-wolfpolaroids06
weekend wordsearch: mv-chu01, ps-thefirst12, mv-14320, ps-growlpolaroids04, sc-helloschoolgirl19 +300 balloons
spot the difference (3): siwon06, tvxq18
spot the difference (1): tvxq11, tvxq19, kangin13
spot the difference (2): jessica08, krystal01, tvxq06
spot the difference (6): ps-sorrysorry19, baekhyun17
spot the difference (5): kris17, ps-holidaych110, sc-letshaptic12
spot the difference (4): mv-14311, sunny12
spot the difference (7): jmin19, ps-thefirst20, jessica19, lay04
tiff tac toe: mv-ohmygoddess20, jmin06, ps-thefirst01 +200 balloons
deck donations: amber01, kangta01
new decks: amber10, kangta05, kris18, luhan07, kyuhyun08, tvxq09
tell me your wish: g- sc-helloschoolgirl01
i- jessica06 r- krystal02 l- ps-ohboyvol3008 s- jessica15 g- kangta02 e- amber02 n- yoona03 e- amber03 r- krystal03 a- kangta03 t- mv-twinkle01 i- mv-twinkle05 o-  yoona05 n- sunny01
tell me your wish: sc-helloschoolgirl14, ps-wolfpolaroids18
stampcard: kry04, yoona01, sc-helloschoolgirl13, amber07, ls-tvxq
kai bawi bo: luhan19, suho12, kris16, sc-aotpub15
deck mastery: ps-wolfpolaroids13, mv-replayjv17, ps-growlpolaroids20
double trouble: swapped mv-chu01, lay04, lay04, jessica08, jessica19, siwon06 for minho18, kris10, ps-comingstep03, kangta16, krystal18, lay12

deck mastery: amber09, suho01, krystal12, tvxq10, mv-ohmygoddess12, mv-chu03

everysing shop (five random artist cards): tvxq19, suho05, kris14, jmin01, tvxq02, -400 balloons
everysing shop (five random artist cards): amber09, taemin05, changmin13, tao03, changmin14, -400 balloons
everysing shop (five random music video cards): mv-balloons03, mv-ohmygoddess08, mv-balloons17, mv-wrongnumber10, mv-replayjv10, -400 balloons
magnae madness: yoona01, sc-letshaptic18, ps-thefirst18, amber13, +100 balloons
laundry day: ps-growlpolaroids12, mv-hello14
double trouble (game): mv-14304, taemin03, kangta11, mv-chu09 +100 balloons

everysing shop (heart lightstick choice cards): jessica18, mv-chu13, -1 ls-heart
deck mastery: ps-wolfpolaroids03, kry19, ps-sorrysorry08, ps-holidaych115, mv-wrongnumber09, krystal08
stampcard: ps-thefirst20, boa05, mv-twinkle18, ps-comingstep02, ls-exo
double trouble:traded in
yoona01, krystal12, tvxq19, amber09, sc-balloons17, ps-holidaych115, ps-thefirst20 for kyuhyun05, sc-letshaptic18, baekhyun08, ps-growlpolaroids06, amber20, mv-supergirl19, kyuhyun15

deck mastery: mv-twinkle07, siwon15, mv-noother13, mv-wrongnumber17, luhan07, krystal20

rank up: ps-comingstep02, tao09, ps-ellegirljuly201208, ps-thefirst07, ps-1stlookvol2015, krystal17, +300 balloons
donation rewards: krystal19, sehun10, ps-growlpolaroids09
donation rewards: tao08, ps-perfectionrepack09, zhangliyin17
donation rewards: kry18, luhan03, yoona11
freebies: hyoyeon11, ps-nuabo19, amber19, ps-nuabo18, mv-onemorechance17, sc-aotpub17, mv-wrongnumber18, mv-wrongnumber04, sc-letshaptic06, mv-ohmygoddess09, mv-ohmygoddess06, luhan20
New decks: hyoyeon10, mv-onemorechance18, ps-ellegirljuly201210, ps-nuabo09, thegrace20, victoria10
deck donations: hyoyeon02, mv-onemorechance10, the grace01
tiff tac toe: mv-supergirl08, sc-helloschoolgirl13, sc-aotpub13 +200 balloons
tiff tac toe: sc-aotpub20, amber09, tvxq03 +200 balloons
spot the difference (4): minho10, mv-everybody17, kry18 spot the difference (4): mv-twinkle03, mv-onemorechance02, suho13
spot the difference (2): sc-letshaptic16, luhan16, sc-letshaptic13, ps-1stlookvol2007 spot the difference (2): mv-hello18, ps-growlpolaroids20, sc-artfilm20, kangta14
spot the difference (3): mv-everybody01, ps-nuabo17, sc-artfilm18 spot the difference (3): mv-twinkle05, luhan04, krystal13
spot the difference (5): ps-thefirst14, baekhyun11 spot the difference (5): minho19, mv-cookingcooking02
spot the difference (6): ps-comingstep04, mv-onemorechance07 spot the difference (6): suho17, boa14
spot the difference (7): zhangliyin17, mv-ohmygoddess04 spot the difference (7): kyuhyun05, sc-aotpub03
spot the difference (1): ps-iwill03, sunny03, amber12 spot the difference (1): sehun15, mv-everybody08, thegrace06
amber20, kangta14, ps-comingstep02, mv-supergirl08, kry18 for boa07, boa15, mv-twinkle15, mv-ohmygoddes15, ps-nuabo14
1st day of christmas: event-12daysofchristmas01
2nd day of christmas:
ps-holidaych103, ps-holidaych107, ps-holidaych108, ps-holidaych109, ps-holidaych111, ps-holidaych112, ps-holidaych116, ps-holidaych117, ps-holidaych118, event-12daysofchristmas02
everysing shop (five random photo set cards): ps-1stlookvol2009, ps-iwill13, ps-nuabo06, ps-growlpolaroids15, ps-1stlookvol2014, -400 balloons
everysing shop (five random photo set cards): ps-ohboyvol3001, ps-wolfpolaroids14, ps-sorrysorry10, ps-perfectionrepack02, ps-nuabo14, -400 balloons
deck mastery: mv-14314, sc-itstimeforcoffeebts13, ps-perfectionrepack05, sehun06, sc-hapticbattle15, krystal07
kai bawi bo: mv-everybody05
kai bawi bo: mv-14310
deck mastery: ps-growlpolaroids12, sc-artfilm07, ps-1stlookvol2002, ps-perfectionrepack15, ps-nuabo17, mv-balloons02
third day of christmas: event-12daysofchristmas03, ls-sparkly, ls-sparkly, ls-sparkly, special-ls-santa, special-ls-rudolph, ls-gg, ls-heart

stampcard: ps-nuabo03, sc-artfilm01, mv-supergirl07, tao19, ls-suju
fourth day of christas: mv-onemorechance18, sunny14, sc-hapticbattle03, kangin15, luhan15, ls-star, event-12daysofchristmas04, +200 balloons

cat like reflexes: kangin14, amber14, kangin12
card match: sunny04, hyoyeon19
choc-oh no!: minho14, kangin11, +100 balloons
kriscasso: ps-misshaaura04, jmin19, ps-1stlookvol2001, ps-sorrysorry10, +100 balloons
oops!!!: yoona15, ps-iwill13, lay19, +100 balloons\
fifth day of christmas: event-12daysofchristmas05, krystal10, amber06, amber15, mv-balloons18, mv-twinkle06, mv-twinkle10, mv-twinkle12, ps-ellegirljuly201201, ps-ellegirljuly201202, ps-ellegirljuly201205, sunny05, sunny18
deck mastery: taemin13, mv-everybody13, kry18, luhan09, mv-14312, mv-twinkle14
deck mastery: mv-twinkle02, kangin03, taemin14, sc-aotpub11, ps-perfectionrepack18, sunny06

update: event-12daysofchristmas06, ps-verymerryxmas05
sixth day of christmas:
m- mv-onemorechance01e- mv-twinkle20 *(mastering with this)r- ps-ellegirljuly201207r- thegrace03y- hyoyeon06x- ps-verymerryxmas01m- sc-artfilm02a- kangta07s- sunny07
seventh day of christmas: event-12daysofchristmas07

spot the difference (1): mv-twinkle14, sc-helloschoolgirl13, amber11, tao15
spot the difference (5): eunhyuk11, ps-perfectionrepack03, ps-sherlock20
spot the difference (4): ps-ellegirljuly201207, mv-supergirl05, ps-wolfpolaroids17, sulli20
spot the difference (3): hyoyeon09, ps-misshaaura01, kry15
spot the difference (6): ps-thefirst15, lay03, ps-comingstep06, mv-chu05, mv-ohmygoddess20
spot the difference (2): sc-artfilm16, mv-onemorechance16, ps-ellegirljuly201207
tiff tac toe: mv-firejv12, mv-supergirl12, mv-twinkle02 +200 balloons
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25 November 2013 @ 06:11 pm
trade with : My card: their card date(trades)
kit: insoo05: girlsgeneration07 +membercard 11/25 (2)
hannah: mv-thriller13: secret09 +membercard  11/25(4)
Puu: special-maxstep04, kangnam15: tiffany17, photo-touch10 +membercard 11/25 (7)
Krissasaur: photo-trap02 : photo-cottoncandy02  +membercard 11/26 (9)
exusia: zico06, l13 : photo-gee06, photo-gee18 +membercard 11/26 (12)
haley: photo-pinktape03: tiffany06 +membercard 11/26 (14)
Ivy: 2ne108: photo-touch-02 +membercard 11/26 (16)
yesulsungdae: eunhyuk20, exok14, mv-wolf11: secret14, photo-melting01, and jungshin01 +membercard 11/26 (20)
Xiao: photo-2cool4skool15: tiffany07 +membercard 11/26 (22)
Rachel: yongguk17 : photo-melting03 +membercard 11/27 (24)
Jeahyun: jyj14 : photo-touch11 +membercard 11/27 (26)

Angie: jiyoung20: girlsgeneration02 +membercard11/27 (28)
jordan: taewoon09: teentop20 +membercard 11/27 (30)
Haleyrenee: kris15: photo-lovingu20 11/27 (2)
Taliana: photo-turnmeon06, key01, ilhoon15, mv-nomercy05, sungjong16: girlsgeneration09, tiffany11, photo-cottoncandy03, afterschool09, hyesung09 +membercards 11/28 (8)
may: sungjong01: parkshinhye05 +membercards 12/1 (10)
new: soyu04 : secret13 +membercards 12/1 (12)
angie: photo-pinktape11: secret08 +membercards 12/3 (14)
cross: jisook14, kris15, zhoumi16: sooyoung10, photo-touch13, secret20 +membercards 12/3(18)
mv-flashback03, photo-sherlock04, photo-misconceptions05: secret06, secret07, secret19 +membercard 12/4 (22)
photo-electricshock07: photo-melting04 + membercards 12/4 (24)
yunnasu:special-justfriends05: secret04 +membercards 12/7 (26)
Lalikitita: photo-narshism09 : secret12 + membercards 12/7 (28)
Ivy: mv-lucifer12: tiffany05 +membercards 12/7 (30)
photo-pinktape11: eunji14 +membercards 12/7 (2)
vijuem: jungmo13: kyungri12 +membercards 12/7 (4)

mannie: orangecaramel10: mv-wild04 +membercards 12/7 (6)
daejong: ravi15, mv-historycv05: girlsgeneration11, mv-wild16 + membercards 12/9 (9)
rachel: special-paris11: photo-touch04 12/10 (10)
jkun: mv-handsup07, leo04: photo-cottoncandy04, photo-melting11 +membercards 12/10 (13)
Kit: mv-alone09, daesung13, dasom13, mv-hurricane02, mv-justhatlittlething05, kangminhyuk17, kangminhyuk18, sunhwa20, mv-talkthat17: eugene04, eunji12, photo-gee13, hana02, hana19, jia04, photo-socialite01, photo-socialite05, sooyoung16 +membercards 12/10 (23)
ivy: dongwan08: photo-vita50001 12/10 (24)
jordyn: dongwoo07: kyungri18 +membercards 12/11 (26)
cassidy: choa18: girlsgeneration13 +membercards 12/11 (28)
haleyrenee: photo-hyde03, mv-hyde19, hongbin01: photo-touch14, photo-touch15, photo-melting06 + membercards 12/12 (32)
toastyb: chen12, chen14: eugene14, photo-vita50016 +membercards 12/12 (35)
bambi: photo-pinktape11,photo-pinktape14,photo-pinktape16, tao01: hyesung10,photo-gee07,mv-idontneedaman10, and photo-femalepresident03 +membercards 12/12 (40)
bambi: alice16: photo-vita50002 12/17 (41)
cashew:  lay09, suho14, superjuniorkry08: photo-touch06, sooyoung09, sooyoung17 +membercards 12/17 (45)
mirabel: photo-thering01: photo-socialite04 +membercards 12/17 (47)
oana: woohyun01: secret10 +membercards 12/17 (49)
maggie: blockb07, mv-nillilimambo01: sooyoung02, hana06 +membercards 12/17 (52)
jjongduck: minhyuk07, girlsgeneration04, photo-virgin11: eugene13, eugene20, jia10 +membercards 12/17 (56)
celinnie: dasom11: mv-maboy16 + membercards 12/17 (58)
kat: woohyun01 : secret18 +membercards 12/23 (60)
vijuem: nominwoo17: girlsgeneration15 12/23 (1)
eriq: 2am11, mv-handsup10: girlsgeneration17, iu20 +membercards 12/23 (4)
Lara: photo-gentlemen15: mv-wild06 12/30 (5)
junnie: cl05: photo-melting05  +membercards 12/30 (7)
jordyn: yongguk05: eugene06 12/30 (8)
Tessie: jaypark18: secret05 +membercards 12/30 (10)
jettie: photo-porcelain13, photo-whiteroom05: jia17, afterschool20 1/10 (12)
bambi: naeun20: jia03 1/10 (13)
Maki: photo-grown05, go17: afterschool01, photo-gee01 + membercards 1/10 (16)
Junnie: andy06: jia18 +membercards 1/10 (18)

trade with : My card: their card
niblets: mv-soom13, mv-soom14: girlsgeneration20, parkshinhye11
pearyuri: special-dubulge06, infinite01, mv-hurricane14: photo-socialite03, photo-socialite06, photo-socialite09 +membercards
25 November 2013 @ 05:48 pm
Dog Trouble:
hana03, jaypark18, 200hearts (11/25) 3
Magnae Woes: photo-thefirstcollage07, eunhyuk20, jokwon03, jyj14, 2ne108, 200 hearts (11/25)   8
Henry's Kitchen: tiffany03 (11/25)     9
Nugu?: special-maxstep04, janggeunsuk05 (11/25)   11
Sexy Slots: photo-2cool4skool15, photo-turnmeon06, special-dubulge06, photo-melting15, 100hearts 15
What Does That Mean?!: mv-thriller13, photo-trap02     17
Beast Airlines: cl15, l13     19
LucKey Wheel: jiyeon17, tiffany20   21
Tic-Tac-Toe: mv-getout16, teentop03   23
Puzzle Madness (1): hyesung03, kris15, photo-kissme02       26
Puzzle Madness (2): secret16, mv-wolf11, jungshin02, 100hearts     29
Puzzle Madness (3): kangnam15, mv-vvip14, ilhoon15, minhwan18, 100hearts   33
Puzzle Madness (4): 2am11, mv-soom14, sunny10, photo-vita50017, parkshinhye09, 300hearts 38
Puzzle Madness (5): daesung13, zico06, mv-talkthat17, mv-oops01, eugene17, photo-lovingu03     44
Puzzle Madness (6): yonghwa02, soyu04, photo-sexysparkle04, ravi15, exok14, tiffany12, photo-touch09, 300hearts   51

admin update: afterschool08, photo-pinktape03, mv-dontforgetme08, photo-cottoncandy07, mv-touch01, mv-wild10, mv-maboy06.   58
MV Roulette: minah13, hyoyeon11, sungjong16, 200heart     61
Incognito: photo-summerblue09, mv-idontneedaman09, yongguk17     64
Double Vision: mv-step06, mv-bloom10, key01, 200hearts       67
Cuecard Hangman: photo-socialite02, taewoon09, 100hearts     69
Food Porn: le-blond05, jiyoung10, 200hearts       71
Annyeong Snail: yunho12, eunji17, mv-maboy18, photo-virgin11, mv-twinkle13, mv-touch17, 300hearts   77

admin update: sungjong01, woohyun01, infinite01
Dog Trouble: mv-handsup02, photo-perfection12, 200hearts   82
Frog Prince: mv-flashback03, mv-soom06     84
Incognito: blockb07, eugene03, mv-breakdown02       87
MV Roulette: sandeul01, mv-igotaboy11, orangecaramel18, 200hearts     90
Cuecard Hangman: mv-goodbyebaby20, mv-cry06, 100hearts       92
Food Porn: teentop20, parkshinhye03, 200hearts     94
Annyeong Snail: songseungheon01, photo-thefirstinvasion15, hongbin01, photo-vita50009, gain07, taecyeon10, 300hearts     100

Advent Calendar Day 01: hyorin15, christmas201301 102
LucKey Wheel (Jackpot): photo-misconceptions05, mv-geniejv06, photo-sherlock04, mv-handsup07   106
Tic-Tac-Toe: mv-soom13, andy06     108
Battle of the Admins: 2ne116   109
Puzzle Madness (1): special-sicaboobs06, photo-narshism09, photo-electricshock07         112
Puzzle Madness (2): mv-hurricane02, mv-oops09, hongbin19, 100hearts         115
Puzzle Madness (3): mv-historycv05, photo-lonelykiller06, hwanhee19, photo-femalepresident10, 100hearts         119
Puzzle Madness (4): mv-soom04, mv-missright14, changmin18, afterschool12, mv-nillilimambo01, 300hearts         124
Puzzle Madness (5): seoinguk16, ravi02, photo-lonelykiller06, mv-mamakv19, mv-breakdown06, jisook14             130
Puzzle Madness (6): photo-neverland10, photo-lashblast02, mv-icecream08, zhoumi16, photo-femalepresident19, special-justfriends05, photo-pinktape11, 300hearts   137
birthday cards: B- mv-igotaboy01 I- girlsgeneration01 R- girlsgeneration04 T- girlsgeneration05 H- photo-touch01 D- mv-wild01 A- girlsgeneration06 Y- tiffany01 145


Advent Calendar Day 02: jyj19, christmas201302


Advent Calendar Day 03: special-paris11, christmas201303

Advent Calendar Day 04: shinee04, christmas201304
Magnae Woes: daehyun10, bigbang17, special-sexythighs05, bap12, photo-touch03, 200 hearts
Henry's Kitchen: iu15
Nugu?: mv-hyde19, nichkhun16
Pepero Kisses: photo-vita50013, jokwon01, suzy16
Sexy Slots: cnu05, photo-reblue04, mv-justthatlittlething05, mv-lucifer12, 100hearts
What Does That Mean?!: sunhwa20, lay09
Beast Airlines: photo-whiteroom05, jia16


Advent Calendar Day 05: 2pm18, christmas201305
Jokwon's Milkshake Garden: bom19, kiseop10, 100 hearts


Advent Calendar Day 06: mv-igotaboy12, christmas201306
Donation Reward: leo04, photo-sexysparkle08, orangecaramel10

new deck pulls: kyungri16, jungmo13

LucKey Wheel: chen12, mv-damagedlady20
Tic-Tac-Toe: chen18, hyungsik10
Battle of the Admins: mv-badgirl05
Advent Calendar Day 07: girlsday01, christmas201307
Jokwon's Milkshake Garden (MoLi's Favour): photo-pinktape14, mv-handsup10, jiyeon09, photo-sherlock11, kangminhyuk17


Advent Calendar Day 08: superjuniorkry08, christmas201308


Stampcard: cnblue05, jokwon01, photo-sexysparkle04, shinee10
Stampcard: eric01, mv-alone09, special-dubulge05, photo-cottoncandy03
Advent Calendar Day 09: mv-mymy15, christmas201309, 100hearts
new deck pulls:
minhyuk07, kangminhyuk18, dongwan08, dasom13

Advent Calendar Day 10: cl05, christmas201310


Advent Calendar Day 11: photo-hyde03, christmas201311
Dog Trouble: girlsgeneration04, changjo02, 200hearts
Frog Prince: photo-beatoyfw1213, mv-wild18
Incognito: mv-onespringday19, photo-bigbangisgreat13, mv-unbreakable06
MV Roulette: sohyun18, shinee05, girlsday07, 200hearts
Double Vision: mv-hurricane14, teentop15, mv-baddestfemale09, 200hearts
Cuecard Hangman: choa18, yunho09, 100hearts
Food Porn: orangecaramel11, go17, 200hearts
Annyeong Snail: photo-grown05, jiyeon12, seungri15, tao01, miryo20, luna20, 300hearts
Card Trouble: chen12, photo-cottoncandy03, jokwon01, photo-sexysparkle0 for hyoyeon14, ukiss06, photo-thering01, suho14
milkshake garden:
H- photo-touch05 O- girlsgeneration10 L- mv-wild02 I- kyungri02 D- mv-wild03 A- girlsgeneration12 Y- kyungri01 S- secret01
Insanity: dasom11, mv-femalepresident14, photo-welcometotheblock05, kangnam18, photo-pinktape16, chansung07, woohyun01

Advent Calendar Day 12: mv-coupdetat06, christmas201312
Advent Calendar Day 13: kimsoohyun10, christmas201313
Advent Calendar Day 14: mv-illbackoff15, christmas201314

LucKey Wheel: mv-maboy19, mv-wild17
Tic-Tac-Toe: fei13, photo-vita50003
Battle of the Admins: cnblue02
new decks: jooyeon13, bomi18, photo-gentleman15, alice16, hyunseung14, special-sportsgirls01
Advent Calendar Day 15: mv-nodalong16, naeun20, christmas201315

Advent Calendar Day 16: photo-femalepresident11, christmas201316
Advent Calendar Day 17: jungmo02, christmas201317
Advent Calendar Day 18: mv-lucifer15, kara05, christmas201318
Advent Calendar Day 19: mv-trap18, christmas201319

Magnae Woes: eric02, photo-cottoncandy02, photo-reblue13, melanie10, lay03, 200 hearts
Henry's Kitchen: special-sicaboobs08, mv-icecream13
Nugu?: jiyoung15, junsu18
Pepero Kisses: special-sportsgirls18, hyunsik20, hwanhee01
Sexy Slots: fei11, photo-porcelain13, mv-yoohoo02, soyu18, 100hearts
What Does That Mean?!: mv-hateyou08, yongguk05
Beast Airlines: seohyun12, mv-trap20
event cards: event-sixmonthanniversary, event-100masteriesivy
Advent Calendar Day 20: jia07, christmas201320
Advent Calendar Day 21: shinhwa01, christmas201321

Advent Calendar Day 22: minah10, orangecaramel02, mv-flashback14, christmas201322, 100hearts

LucKey Wheel: mv-hurricane16, mv-cry17
Tic-Tac-Toe: hanbyul08, changmin02
Advent Calendar Day 23: mv-onespringday19, christmas201323, 200hearts
Advent Calendar Day 24: joon04, hyesung15, christmas201324
Advent Calendar Day 25: mv-hyde08, 5zic04, dasom19, naeun03, christmas201325, event-merrychristmas2013
milkshake garden: P- photo-cottoncandy01 r- kyungri03 e- girlsgeneration16 s- secret02 e- photo-melting02 n- tiffany02 t- photo-touch12 s- photo-socialite07
21 November 2013 @ 07:47 pm

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28 January 2013 @ 07:39 pm
Credit cecelialorene or cecelia @lj thanks!
17 January 2013 @ 02:48 pm

First icons i've made in a while, forgive me if they aren't up to my usual standards, i've been away from photoshop for too long and i wanted to do something lol.
if using please credit cecelialorene@lj or cecelia 
18 October 2012 @ 07:21 pm
19 May 2012 @ 06:40 am
18 snsd icons
7 f(x) icons

credit cecelialorene or cecelia if using, reupload to your own hosting site.
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